Thursday, July 12, 2012

SEO Services

Have you or someone you know created an expensive website that can bring a lot of valuable content to the web? If you have you probably would love for everyone to see it but to be seen & marketed through the other billion websites out there how can you accomplish this monumental task? The easiest thing to do is have a professional internet marketing company do this for you. There are a lot of internet marketing companies now and days that claim to be professional, give excellent results, and say yes to whatever you want but to have nothing delivered. I have gone through and weeded out a lot of internet marketing companies in Orange County and the Los Angeles County area to finally find a great internet marketing company SoCal Digital Marketing. The reason I love sending all my clients to SoCal Digital Marketing is because of several factors, they are reliable, honest, and really care about my company as a client. They go through extra lengths to see that I am happy as a client and that is why I am referring them to you know. I have worked with other SEO companies that strictly stick to what is in the contract which is fine, and I have worked with SEO companies in Orange County that actually deliver less than what the contract stated. However at SoCal Digital Marketing this Orange County SEO company actually delivers above and beyond the signed contract.

There are not a lot of SEO companies out there that try to optimize your website without some form of manipulating site rankings with auto software that search engines despise but at SoCal Digital Marketing they are literally obessed with sticking with the guidelines that search engine's provide to web masters. They say that the reason being is because they want long-term long lasting relationships with their clients not short-term get rich quick schemes. Once I talked to my representative at SoCal D.M. I realized that this company was different and we will build a long lasting beneficial relationship. My company makes the most of our profits online through an E-commerce store and we had no idea how to drive traffic to it other than using social media. When we called SoCal Digital Marketing they explained several different ways to gain attention in the digital world which are SEO (search engine optimization), Pay Per Click (sponsored advertising), social media marketing (using social media to engage customers) and creating press releases.

My CEO and I decided that the best method of internet marketing is to do SEO. The reason being is because SEO is a more long term investment in the website that optimizes your site for valuable keywords to increase the chances of being ranked high in search engine results pages. If you want instant results you can choose to do a Pay Per Click campaign but most keywords or phrases cost $3-7 dollars per click. We also chose this method because that's how we searched for internet marketing areas in Orange County and Los Angeles because we typed in "Orange County SEO Company" & "Los Angeles SEO Company" and found SoCal Digital Marketing. We figured if they could rank on the first page for a highly competitive keyword than they must really know what they're doing and so far we were right. Our main 5 keywords went from no match to page 1 within the first 3 months and our other 5 secondary keywords went from page 10 and 12 to pages 2-4! The return on our invest for hiring this internet marketing company has been well worth it and we highly recommend SoCal Digital Marketing for all of your SEO, PPC, or social media marketing endevours. They also do Web Design and can host your website as well if you don't have a website for your company already.

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